Finch Street Studios first Powerbeam!

What the heck is Kiki Neumann doing now????
Should she have that hammer in her hands? Really?

This is the 45 foot long powerbeam that has been placed into the studio to create a second floor. Finch Street Studios is a mecca for recycling and creating art from "thin air" so to speak.

The Houston artists that come to this space to work can expect a small community feel in a 1800+ square foot metal building that has been created and designed for working artists. Studios spaces range from 250 square feet to 900 square feet. Some have air conditioning and there is a community kitchen area. Gated parking and plenty of street parking also. Some have windows on the second floor. "Rooms with a view" so to speak.

Recycling is THE word of the day and the studios have a touch of the flare that Kiki Neumann has been famous for since 1997 when she started a recycling wood project that grew into a successful creative company "Mother's Old Fencepost" of Houston Texas. See stories that have been in the Houston Chronicle over the past decade for further info.

Finch Street Studios

East of the Heights
in Houston

Kiki Neumann
281 235 9523