Annoucing the creation of Finch Street Studios

It is December of 2009...
Oh my gosh....I have a huge 1800 square warehouse and it is FULL OF AIR. I think I will turn it into a wonderland of recycled wood and walls and doors and make it into 6 artists workspace studios!!!! Yee haw, it has started and I am doing it for real HOUSTON!!!!

There are not enough art spaces in the inner city for serious working artists. I am designing this and thinking it through as if I were the one walking in to rent it.

I have created 6 spaces. 4 studios upstairs and 2 large studios downstairs.

Please note the pink hammer. I think therefor I hammer!!!

No seriously, this is a work in progress soon to be shown to interested Houston artists. I am taking 900 square feet for my woodworking workshop and have time to start showing the other spaces.

Give a call if you're interested. I will put down the De Walt drill or wipe off some paint and give you a call back shortly.

Kiki Neumann
281 235 9523